CADEM Software Pvt. Ltd.  is an Authorized Training Partners of PTC in India. We offer UG training to students & working professionals/ corporate . CADEM software Pvt. Ltd.  has well equipped facilities & certified training staff for conducting the educational program. Our years of experience in the CAD CAM software sales field has widened our reach in to industries and our regular dealing with the companies from vertical domain have developed us establish a wide circle of network. It will be very helpful in bringing to you much sought after job and career opportunities after your training is completed. It also equips us to give you better and valuable industrial references and placement assistance. We provide the PTC certification to the students which is globally recognized and have more weightage than any other academic certificate.

  • Industry needs trained manpower & we are bridging gap between industry & educational sector.
  • Globally recognized PTC Certificate of Merit on successful course completion.
  • Opportunity to learn from PTC Software Certified Instructors.
  • Placement opportunities being sales partner of PTC.
  • Engineering Fundamentals along with software Training.
  • Personalized training program for each individual.