RenAn Information Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1987. Our main business was manufacturing machine parts by using CNC Lathe. Since the CNC Code Editor was deficient at that time, we were devoted to design and develop the software for CNC code editor since 1992.

We combined the manufacturing professionals, systems analysts, and software programmers and then developed the software NcEditor, a CNC Code Editor, Files Management and Transmit Systems.
This is the first software that combines code editor, files management, automatic debugging, and programs transmit together.

Because of the manufactured background, our software are adopted and used by lots of professional manufacturing industries. It is why we became the leader in the field of developing professional software for manufactures in Taiwan.

Product Policies :

From system planning, teaching, guiding, to maintaining, consulting, we offer a series of services. RenAn has been helping lots of machinery plants to enhance efficient, decrease cost, improve quality, and strengthen competitive ability successfully.


business scope of RenAn Information is providing high quality; user-friendly software and make functions meet customer’s need. Developing CNC Intelligent solution to build the firm foundation of the industry. Additionally, assistance of machinery industry ranging from machining skills, CNC basic knowledge, and manufacturing is essential in terms of creating the potential benefits and cultivating professionals to the prestige.

The future

Recently, RenAn introduced “shopping management” and “producing monitor management” systems in order to conform with our customers’ demands. That will help you to make complete producing line plans and enhance factories quality automatically. Every member in RenAn service team is looking for new direction continuously. We devote to develop good products and accumulate techniques and experiences.

Our purpose is developing every product to perfection that fits in with the demands of customers. In the future, RenAn will keep developing professional software under the orientation of customer demand to service widespread customers. Also, we will follow the experience in Taiwan and spread our service all over the world.