The Evolution of PLM

We live in a smart, connected world where personalization and instant access to data is expected. PTC’s PLM solutions provide seamless product data management — from inception through design, engineering through real-world monitoring. With PTC PLM, everyone has the most up-to-date information, allowing for faster innovation, continuously driven value, and higher quality. With flexible deployment options, subscription pricing, and data from any source, PTC makes PLM scalable and easy to buy.

PLM Capabilities

Adopt a parts-centric approach to managing your Bill of Materials with a centralized hub for all product data across the organization
Ensure All Stakeholders are Accessing the Most Up-to-Date Information.Understanding the impact of a change across the organization – no matter how small — is key to ensuring your product’s success in the market.
In order to ensure the safety and security of your customers, your products and services must meet industry standards. PTC’s Requirements and Validation solution allows your organization to trace requirements throughout the product lifecycle. Unique change management notifications for CAD designers provide a link to requirements, allowing your teams to make the right decisions based on the most up-to-date product data.
Close the Loop and Improve the Product.With warranty costs and rework, the cost of poor quality can quickly add up to lost market share. The key to ensuring your product is of the highest quality is to integrate the quality department into the rest of the product development process.
Your customers are increasingly looking for customization – whether it’s to their specific market, geography, or industry. Rather than produce expensive one-offs for each customer, you can adopt a platform approach to product development.
It is becoming increasingly important to securely collaborate across more functions globally. PTC provides role-based data access to stakeholders, ensuring they see only required data. Whether you need to allow direct access to your enterprise systems, create a copy of information to be shared in a collaborative space, or send a technical data package to outside vendors, PTC has a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to ensure complete protection of your IP.
The average engineer loses 25% of their time to data management. That’s time wasted searching for files, recreating data, updating systems and answering requests.

PTC makes data management easy with a single view to the latest multi-CAD and product data. Securely share more consumable data with non-engineering colleagues through role-based, self-service applications and 3D visualization technology.

PTC provides an open and flexible architecture that includes native integrations to technology from our leading partners and a strong ecosystem that includes technology, software, and hardware vendors. PTC also embraces and is a leader in defining industry standards.