Our vision is to deliver engineering simulation solutions that drive product performance decisions across the complete product lifecycle.

Siemens PLM Software executes this vision by building upon our simulation heritage which spans over 40 years and encompasses well known CAE brands like Nastran, SDRC I-deas®. Siemens has strengthened and expanded upon the technologies from its long simulation legacy and has brought them together to form NX™ CAE software.

A modern CAE environment

NX CAE directly addresses the challenges you face with simulation today through a modern and completely integrated environment that delivers significant benefits. NX CAE does not require NX CAD and can be used as a standalone pre/ postprocessor with support for multi-CAD geometry. NX CAE delivers additional benefits when used in situations where NX is used for design, such as seamless data transfer between the design team and analysis team.

Speed simulation processes by up to 70 percent

Increasing simulation productivity speeds your entire product development cycle so you can bring your products to market faster. More efficient simulation processes also lead to more innovation by allowing more design-analysis iterations that can be used to test more design alternatives and make critical design decisions earlier.

Increase product quality

By more easily simulating real-world conditions, you get a truer understanding of how your product will perform. NX CAE also facilitates easier trade-off analysis across multiple disciplines so you develop more robust products. Requirements tracking and reporting capabilities allow you to quickly gauge if your product is performing to specification